DeltaLumin Pilot Program

Faith in Place is working with Delta Institute to find participants for a pilot program that involves households with smart meters.

DeltaLumin is a pilot program that will test tools that may help individuals take advantage from your new smart meter. As a participant, you will be asked to add your voice and value to the development of DeltaLumin. Over the 3 month pilot program period, you will be asked to take 10-minute surveys and provide feedback on the program. There will be monthly opportunities for rewards as a thank you for active participants. The program begins in March and ends in May.

Take the online survey to see if you are eligible to participate. You will receive a $5 online gift card just for taking the eligibility quiz!

Do you want to find out more information about the survey? Visit the DeltaLumin Program website. If you have any questions, call 312-487-1087 or email

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