Rev. Dr. David Esterline of McCormick Theological Seminary Accepts Position of President of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

David Esterline, Director of the Institute for Cross-Cultural Theological Education and Associate Professor of Cross-Cultural Education and Ministry at McCormick, has accepted the position of President of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, PA. He will begin his Presidency at Pittsburgh in June.

David has led and shaped McCormick and the wider church in distinctive and crucial ways. He is one of the premier researchers in the world on the globalization of theological education. The Handbook on Theological Education in World Christianity, which David co-edited, is the definitive and most comprehensive study of global theological education available today. Currently, David is organizing with others a new global forum of theological educators, which includes an international fellowship of leaders in theological education from every Christian tradition.

At McCormick and in the PC(USA) more widely, David has become a leader in raising awareness of white privilege and racism and in providing guidance and instruction in what it means to live faithfully in a multi-cultural church and society.

David joined the faculty at McCormick in 1997 as Director of Doctoral Programs and Continuing Education. He subsequently served for ten years as Dean of the Faculty and Vice President of Academic Affairs. Currently, he directs the Institute for Cross-Cultural Theological Education. This fall David was reviewed for promotion to full professor. A recommendation that David be appointed Professor of Cross-Cultural Theological Education and Ministry will be presented to the Board of Trustees at its February meeting.

Frank Yamada, President of McCormick, made these observations about David’s service to McCormick: “David Esterline is the kind of theological educator that most of us aspire to be. Few people know more about the growth of Christianity in the Global South and theological education’s impact on the global Church than him. His service to the Association of Theological Schools, his work with cross-cultural issues in theological education, and his service here at McCormick distinguish him as a leader in North American theological education. We are proud to see him serve a fine institution such as Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.”

“David is someone whom we all consider indispensible to our community life and to our educational mission at McCormick,” said Ted Hiebert, Dean of the Faculty. “We can’t believe he’s leaving. But he has helped build such a strong tradition at McCormick in theological education with a global perspective and with a cross-cultural approach that we are committed more strongly than ever to continuing this legacy. We all have the greatest confidence in him and wish him the best as he moves into a new position of leadership in the church.”

(from the McCormick news release)

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