Submission Guidelines

How to submit to The Herald:

If you have an article, announcement, editorial or picture that you would like in The Herald, please email the editors at

All articles and editorials should be submitted as word documents. All graphics should be submitted as JPEG files.

How to submit to The Herald’s Digital Announcement Board:

All announcements and flyers should be submitted as JPEG files and sent to the editors at

Submission Deadline:

The Herald is published on Wednesday, excluding school breaks and January Term, during the academic year. The submission deadline is Sunday at 8pm.

Editor’s Discretion Policy:

All submissions to The Herald are subject to editorial review. The Herald editors reserve the right to edit, change, and/or add additional materials and graphics to the published submissions without prior written notice. All open letters, editorials and opinion pieces must be signed and include an email address at which the author(s) can be reached.

No anonymous pieces will be published.

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